Mike Escamilla for the New York Times: A whole new Ball game http://goo.gl/NvNqcM

Mike Escamilla for the New York Times: A whole new Ball game

The next America

The Pew Research Center published this super well done and informative online story about the demographic transformations of the U.S. population (becoming old and multi-ethnic) and what the changing face means for the US Society.

At a time when young and old don’t look alike, think alike or vote alike, how will America modernize its entitlement programs so they’re in sync with its new demographics? How can we keep faith with the old without bankrupting the young and starving the future? It will be difficult.

I also use to learn a lot about the U.S Society reading Nate Silver’s data analysis.

Productivity Hacks

You definitively should use https://unroll.me, keep http://www.noisli.com/ open in a tab and only answer yesterday’s email.

On working with designer – or for designer – or as a designer

I really enjoyed reading every essay of this collection by Julie Zhuo.
Due to her work experience at Facebook, Julie is able to authentically slip into the role of designers, engineers and managers. Moreover, she has a very refreshing take on UX, everything design, metrics and product management.

Thank you Internet

80s FTW one, two, three and four

Music I’ve been listening to this week

Special Mention to these guys:


Oaxaca by Tomy Pelluz

Oaxaca: Courtesy of http://tomypelluz.com/

I was lucky to enjoy a beautiful weekend in Oaxaca, stumbling through the flickr search results is very refreshing!

On Creative Direction, Art Direction and the creative context

Dan Mall wrote this insightful blogpost on A List Apart a few years ago, explaining why “Art Direction” and “design” are two different disciplines and stating that “Art direction” gives substance to “design”. I very much enjoyed reading it, as I often found those concepts to get mixed-up in agencies.
This follow-up post on “Creative Direction” even brings more clarity to the different creative disciplines, as Dan successfully describes “Creative Direction” – The intersection where Art Direction and Design meet Strategy.

The State of In-Car UX

I always thought it was crazy, that an industry investing so much in design, doesn’t seem to care about interface design (Tesla trying to be an exception here).
Geoff Teehan from Toronto’s teehanlax wrote a great post on that matter:

We are surrounded by bad design. You witness it when you’re taking cash out of an ATM. You experience it when getting your boarding pass from the airport kiosk. You feel it when setting the clock on your stove. Simply put, bad design is everywhere—especially inside your vehicle.


After debating about Upworthy’s headlines with some friends, I re-read this NY Mag Feature and this fun presentation of one of the fastest-growing media sites.


I don’t care too much about the Hall of Fame thing – but i very much enjoyed seeing one of the most iconic band playing live again, fronted by four female rock’n’roll stars (Joan Jett, St Vincent, Lorde and Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon).

All Performances on Pitchfork

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Music I’ve been listening to this week

Features vs. Benefit

This illustration by the team at User Onboarding really nails it. The correspondig blog post is worth the read.
Features vs. Benefits


I’m late to the party, but I started to use Duolingo and I’m super impressed not only on the way it has been working, but also on the business model behind it. In this Ted Talk from 2011, Duolingo’s founder and CEO Luis von Ahn shares how the software will help millions to learn a new language while translating the Web quickly and accurately.

Moms in UX

I really enjoyed reading this blogpost by Peter Fabor about the UX of washine machines and him following a “Mom-UX-Process…

and on the other side, this post by Toni Gines stating “if your mom can’t use it, you’re doing it wrong” feels very familiar.

Finally giving GIFs their rightful glory

The .GIFYS awards are honoring the animated GIF as a “medium, social commentary and art form”. You can see the winners on their website 

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Music I’ve been listening to this week

Ciao ciao ciao

Seit Jahren beschäftigen sich digitale Marketeers mit den Auswirkungen sozialer Kommunikation, mobiler Kanäle und der Inhaltsflut auf ihre Marke. 2014 läutet nun endlich das Ende dieser Diskussionen ein. Es beginnt die Alltags-Ära von digitalem Marketing. Flexibilität, Mitmach-Mentalität und Denken über traditionelle Grenzen hinweg sind normal geworden. Oder?

Diese Frage stand im Fokus der Sitecore Digital Trendspots in Hamburg, die ich im Rahmen meiner Keynote mit einigen Gedanken zu diesem Thema eröffnen durfte.

Das Ende vom Anfang des digitalen Marketing

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