Unlocked – iPhone 3G with iOS4

June 25, 2010 — Leave a comment


After almost 3 month of struggle and hassle with my T-Mobile HTC MyTouch, I finally managed to unlock my old iPhone 3G…
I do not argue that Android in general is a bad OS… but as a longtime iPhone user, the Android 1.6 on MyTouch definitely is a pain (I still hope that T-Mobile once will upgrade to FroYo). I think the reason why I never enjoyed using Android 1.6 is the missing "flow", the bad user experience (old post but that's how i feel)… anyway, here is how the story went:
Q: Can I just buy a new iPhone?
A: The AT&T plans are ridiculous. Not only are they super expensive, you also will need an SSN number – which I don't have. So they asked me to pay a deposit (500$), which I never would get back, as I am in NY for only 9 month (the plan is for 2 years).
Q: Can I get another cool device (eg. NexusOne)
A: Yeah, you could go to T-Mobile… same story than with the iPhone and AT&T… not affordable for only 9 month (by the way, I am not really sure if the NexusOne is a success, since I have not seen a single of them here (=zero, NULL) )
Q: So let's unlock my 3G
A: at this time, unlocking with software Version 3.1.3 was not possible, as I downgraded to 3.1.2 I realized that the unlock was not possible under Baseband 05.12.01

Thanks to the iPhone dev-Team and to Taimur's super easy instructions, i managed to unlock my 3G with iOS4 today.

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