Reusable packaging for headphones – Prototype 1

July 14, 2010 — 2 Comments
(this post is related to my product design class @prattinstitute)

Elevator Pitch:

For digital nomads who need a good looking, simple and elegant solution to carry earbuds, but also flash drives, SD Cards, cords and cables and so many more; Prototype 1 is a pragmatic solution. The sleek earbud packaging can be reused as a cable case, which fits in every bag. Compared to the packaging of other earbuds, prototype 1 is fully reusable, it looks good and most importantly, the cord wind up solution extends the product’s life.

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2 responses to Reusable packaging for headphones – Prototype 1


    Love the idea, but it seems to be a bit bulky and probably takes quite long to get the headphones back in there…Thats what is really cool about the “owl” in your research post. Headphones are quickly stuffed away… Looking forward to see the next model


    thanks for the comment Marcus… i definitely will think about making some protective holes for the buds in the next version (if proto. survives the shootout :-D)… The bulkyness is some kind of attended as I would wish to assemble a case that looks “high-end”… I was thinking about using wood for the case… what do you think? PS: I use this case since over 2 years now (just used to drop the earbuds in –> cable spaghetti ) and it still looks great

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