Reusable packaging for headphones – Prototype 2

July 14, 2010 — Leave a comment

(this post is related to my product design class @prattinstitute)

Elevator Pitch:

For on-their-way-music-lovers who use to loosely roll or who randomly drop earbuds in their pockets (and to swear and curse about the cable spaghetti afterwards); Prototype 2 is a simple solution. The recycled earbud packaging can be reused as a cable “sock”, which fits in every pocket. The process of rolling the wire is no more laborious than just droping the earbuds in a pocket. Compared to the packaging of other earbuds, prototype 2 is fully reusable, it looks stylish and most importantly, the cord storage solution reduces the knot hassle.

Read about Prototype 1
Read about Prototype 3

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