Reusable packaging for headphones – Prototype 3

July 14, 2010 — 6 Comments
(this post is related to my product design class @prattinstitute)

Elevator Pitch:

For ipod/mp3 owner who use to wrap earbud cable around the player; Prototype 3 a is fun solution. The cutted-out-a-flipflop earbud packaging can be reused as a wire wrapper, which fits in every pocket. The process of rolling the wire is no more laborious than just droping the earbuds in a pocket (yes, this sentence IS copy/pasted from Prototype 2 😀 ). Compared to the packaging of other earbuds, prototype 3 is fully reusable, protects the buds from other objects (keys, coins and stuff you also keep in your pockets), it looks fun and most importantly, the cord storage solution reduces the knot hassle (+it is waterproof… rock on!)

Read about Prototype 1
Read about Prototype 2



@David: something like this?


6 responses to Reusable packaging for headphones – Prototype 3


    Much better than version 1. Love the mounting of the buds in the foamed plastic of the thongs. Seems fast and easy. However, if there is something that annoys me when it comes to earbuds it’s that damn spooling and unspooling. Please find a solution for this. Ideally without getting knots in the cable. 🙂 go go go


    Well I was thinking (if I’m allowed to). There is something in my head that looks like a clam. Rather small and made out of plastic. The hinge has a little spring attached which keeps the two halves of the shell together. The inside of the clam is cushioned with very soft foamed plastic that sticks together if the clam is closed. To store your buds you just open the clam with one hand, then put the earbuds inside and then let it close automatically. The plastic foam inside the clam keeps the cable in a fix position thus preventing it from becoming cable spaghetti.So oder so ähnlich..


    Thank you Dave… I post these sketches to get inputs/ideas/opinions so YES, you’re allowed :-DI love the Idea of the clam… especially that it ingeniously avoids the spooling… class is tonight so i’ll be able to spend some time elaborating 😉 (i uploaded a sketch of how I understand your idea at the end of the post… am i +/- right?)i’ll keep you posted


    Yes! Draw the clam a bit smaller and it’s just a perfect image of what’s in my head. (Note: The clam should fit comfortably in one’s trouser pocket. Have fun at class!


    great stuff, and an extremely annoying thing you are working on. I am really (!) looking forward to a good solution!had another idea, if you don’t mind:I usually wear some kind of bracelet on one wrist, because it makes me feel naked if i don’t. The bracelet has a similar characteristic to headphones – you wrap it around something, in this case: your arm. so why not build a packaging that you wear as a braclet – maybe the headphones themselves could serve as a closing mechanism…advantage: you would always have them at hand – literally ;)just a spontaneous idea…


    Thank you for sharing this great idea Matthias!

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