Desk organizer – Quick Research

July 21, 2010 — Leave a comment

(this post is related to my product design class @prattinstitute)

Just wanted to share some notes i took in an evernote notebook for tonight’s class (if someone knows a way to share notebooks to posterous… plz share).

The classic organizer:

My starting point:

For many people, their “desks” are where they live most of the day. And many of these environments are overwhelming disasters.


  • Desk organization is not as much “pen and stuff” than it is “cable, cords, light, electro devices.. mgmt)
  • There is no more “desk” -> the desk is mobile
  • There are enough desk organization boxes and so on, we need better workplaces (space planning, work habits, etc)

Some inspiration:

I made a quick solo Brainstorm and thought about the following attributes for Desk organizers:

  • Display vs. Hide 
  • Collect vs. Emphasis 
  • every object has its place vs. the space is “open” 
  • movable vs. fix 
  • on desk vs. off desk 

Until now, all that i have are these 7 very well documented ideas 😀


Stay tuned

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