Desk organizer – Introducing Deskr

July 28, 2010 — 2 Comments

(this post is related to my product design class @prattinstitute)

Elevator Pitch

For digital nomads who use to work anywhere (and not only in “the office”) and who carry a lot of stuff&gadgets with them; Deskr (i know, i know :-D) is a convenient solution. The storage box is an up-cycled magazine, which fits in every bag. The foam inside the box allows it to gently but quickly deposit different gadgets and to keep them in place as well as protected. Compared to other solutions, Deskr is fully reused, protects the gadgets, looks nice, is quick and easy to use and most importantly, allows you to carry your desk with you, wherever you are.

As mentioned in the presentation, the prototype would need some extra iterations, as the materials (paper/foam) turned out not to be as magic as expected 😦

2 responses to Desk organizer – Introducing Deskr


    nice… even though, I think it would drive me mad to squeeze my stuff in it… 😉 I’m not thaaat patient

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