Light project – Kick off

August 1, 2010 — 1 Comment

(this post is related to my product design class @prattinstitute)

This weeks assignment will be to think of light (as in bulb and lamp) design …

some quick random thoughts concerning this topic:

  • What a bulb could stands for:
    • light
    • heat
    • direction and guidance
    • signal
    • symbol
    • ambiance
    • status
  • A lamp is a piece of furniture, which gives a room it’s character
  • As expensive and beautiful a lamp is, most of the time, the cord will be cheap and ugly
  • They are great design for desk-lamps, floor lamps, etc… whats about kitchen and bathroom?
  • What is the most interesting part? The Light…? or the shadows it creates?

Anyway, here are some very inspiring examples: 

85 Lamps Chandelier by Rody Graumann



The Light Drop by Rafael Morgan



This example is featured on this post with lots of other great designs 

Bare Light by Brendan Ravenhill



Birdielight von Kiel Mead



Melting light bulb von Propaganda



Funnel by Bevk Perovic



And here are some ideas I scribbled in the train:

Stay tuned 😉

One response to Light project – Kick off


    Good you’re working on that – I need a new lamp for our eating table. Looking forward to your ideas…

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