GenevaSound XL aka “How much?”

October 5, 2010 — 2 Comments
Ok, I love the Design of this Soundsystems from GenevaLab. On the top, it really sounds fantastic…
what botters me is the intransparency of the pricing… how is that possible?

Official Swiss site: CHF 3490.- 
Digitec (swiss online retailer) : CHF 2990.-
Amazon: $1999.-
Official US site: $1999.-

why does this product – manufactured in Switzerland – costs 1600$ (aka 1 macbook + 1 ipad or something like this) more in Switzerland than in the US? am I missing something @GenevaSound?
Btw. US price 4 years ago : $1075 

2 responses to GenevaSound XL aka “How much?”


    Funny to have met you yesterday and see my design ( I did that site) on your blog! 🙂


    I see that you’re very carefully selecting the projects you work on 😉 what a great product! Really enjoyed chatting with you Tina.

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