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yann wanner

Hey, I’m Yann.

I’m a Swiss guy in New York City leading Strategy at Holstee*, a design studio that creates inspiring artwork with the intention of encouraging a mindful lifestyle.
I used to work as a consultant for Switzerland’s leading digital agency: Namics. You’ll find some infos about my work and education over at Linkedin.

I am passionate about (digital) art direction and the way we interact with (digital) media – this blog is the place where I wrap-up what I find surprising/interesting worth sharing.

I like to to stroll around, discovering curiosities and getting lost – I will use this place to document my journey.

Finally, I like music a lot and will post my favorites, as well as newly discovered tracks**.

I’m super happy to hear from you (here or over at twitter).



* Holstee’s designs have been shared over 100 million times online. The company’s manifesto has been described by the Washington Post as “the new just do it”.

** I swear, you’ll never find an ABBA track there.