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Mike Escamilla for the New York Times: A whole new Ball game

Mike Escamilla for the New York Times: A whole new Ball game

The next America

The Pew Research Center published this super well done and informative online story about the demographic transformations of the U.S. population (becoming old and multi-ethnic) and what the changing face means for the US Society.

At a time when young and old don’t look alike, think alike or vote alike, how will America modernize its entitlement programs so they’re in sync with its new demographics? How can we keep faith with the old without bankrupting the young and starving the future? It will be difficult.

I also use to learn a lot about the U.S Society reading Nate Silver’s data analysis.

Productivity Hacks

You definitively should use, keep open in a tab and only answer yesterday’s email.

On working with designer – or for designer – or as a designer

I really enjoyed reading every essay of this collection by Julie Zhuo.
Due to her work experience at Facebook, Julie is able to authentically slip into the role of designers, engineers and managers. Moreover, she has a very refreshing take on UX, everything design, metrics and product management.

Thank you Internet

80s FTW one, two, three and four

Music I’ve been listening to this week

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