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Features vs. Benefit

This illustration by the team at User Onboarding really nails it. The correspondig blog post is worth the read.
Features vs. Benefits


I’m late to the party, but I started to use Duolingo and I’m super impressed not only on the way it has been working, but also on the business model behind it. In this Ted Talk from 2011, Duolingo’s founder and CEO Luis von Ahn shares how the software will help millions to learn a new language while translating the Web quickly and accurately.

Moms in UX

I really enjoyed reading this blogpost by Peter Fabor about the UX of washine machines and him following a “Mom-UX-Process…

and on the other side, this post by Toni Gines stating “if your mom can’t use it, you’re doing it wrong” feels very familiar.

Finally giving GIFs their rightful glory

The .GIFYS awards are honoring the animated GIF as a “medium, social commentary and art form”. You can see the winners on their website 

Thank you Internet 

Music I’ve been listening to this week

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